Thursday, January 17, 2013

The back door.

I like to use the back door of the building. It's close to my parking space and my shopping bags don't have time to get  to heavy before I reach the door of my apartment.
I don't like to do more than one trip. Today I carried two heavy bags in each hand.
The door is a heavy metal door opening to the left. When I reach the door I had to move two bags from my right hand to the left hand, pull the key out of my pocket, unlock the door but leave the key in it, pull the door open half way, put my left knee inside the door, turn the key to lock position for when it slams shut behind me, pull key out of lock, move my left arm  together with the 4 bags and position it besides my left knee, finally move two bags from left hand to right hand while lifting my right leg to step inside and let the door bang shut. 
Today I did not lift my right leg high enough. I tripped on the edge of the step and tumbled flew inside the hallway, could not find my balance because of those heavy bags, hit my head on the wall opposite me and landed with a big thump on the floor surrounded by my bags. My head was near the door of an apartment and I could hear him whistle as he always does and wondered if he heard me fall. 

To make a long story short - I fell and am ok. 



Sabine said...

ah yuk, not the best experience. Anything at hand to counteract? Sweets? Music? Hope there won't be massive bruises.

Halle said...

That sort of thing (trying to do too much at one time) sounds so familiar. I wonder now if we might both be inclined to make a second trip to avoid what could have been a disastrous fall, with a long period of convalescence and no trips to the store or anywhere else.

So happy you came through without that sort of damage.

Lucy said...

Ouch! Take care of yourself...

Ellena said...

Turned 245 pages of 'Buecherdiebin' and recommend it.
Making a second trip would mean having learned a lesson. You ask for much.
I did. The bags contained a few goodies.

Rouchswalwe said...

Ei jei jei! Ellena! Thank goodness you are okay and there were no broken glass shards to contend with. I'll drink an extra pint of ale for luck tonight!

Ellena said...

Thank you Rouchswalwe. It helped - pain almost gone but bruises appearing now. Oh well!