Sunday, December 20, 2015

Both of


these came to say goodbye and made sure to get away prior to arrival of snow.  

No snow as yet and none to come for Christmas but first  Full Moon in 38 years on Christmas Day will not let us down.

     For whatever you celebrate this Holiday Season, Blessings to you Dear Friends.

My children, their partners and my four grandchildren will celebrate Christmas together this year.

Monday, November 23, 2015


is the name I gave my problem.

Saw my family doctor today, Monday.  He gave me the good news that "the scan found nothing in my head".  It means what it says and also that no Mabel offsprings are present in my brain.

Tomorrow I will have a TEP scan.  I am looking forward to an entire body search.  That's a big area with lots of folds, pockets and minuscule spots where little Mabelinchen can hide.  

Oh yes, I had not told you that my Thorax scan revealed that Mabel is sitting very close to my aorta and can not be operated on.  Other treatments will be suggested after all test results are in.

I still sleep as well as I did prior to Mabel's appearance.

I'm already fed up talking about Mabel.  Sorry.  I promise not to in my next post.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bird found in my drafts.......

I was getting ready for my library stint when I heard this familiar thump on the window.  As usual, there was nothing dead lying at the foot of the the patio window but as I lifted my eyes, its and mine met.  Yes they did. It had time to close them while I fetched the camera. There it was, poor little creature, laying on the chair with its little heart beating erratically.           

That's when I started talking to it and sliding my fingers up and down his back .  "I'm so glad you are alive but I don't know what to do to help you.  Don't worry, I won't leave you, you opened your eyes, are you feeling better, don't close your eyes again, how can I help, let me make you comfortable in my bread basket."

I was at such a loss that I covered it up to the neck with a small cotton napkin and prepared to take it with me to the library in the hope that one of the ladies there would know what to do next.  And the miracle happened.  It's eye opened again, I uncovered it and I put my thumb on its belly to check for a heartbeat.  Yes there was and flew timidly up and landed on the floor where it lost some poo and walked away. 

I talked some more to it telling it how happy I was that it can fly again, how worried I was it would not find it's way out and that I was very grateful that my being late to my job was due to the fact that it is alive and moving. 

I learned talking to birds when walking by a feeder on the side of our building............ and just now quickly went out to take a photo to maybe show you  one of my livelier and more colorful friends and there were none.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

August and October sightings

Pasha, with patience and on occasion with head and camera
under a blanket, caught all visitors that came by my patio. 

I'm so fortunate to live where I live, surrounded by rolling mountains and forest touching the various gates along the back yard.