Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hyacinths in glass~~~~~~~~1

I never noticed the bulbs sitting in oddly shaped glass vases. I don't know where Oma or Mutti stored them while waiting for the roots to grow, but I still remember my delight when the sweet smell of their blooms hit my nostrils. Pink and blue ones suspended in air, so it seemed, roots dangling in water and blossoms asking to be touched by the tip of my nose appeared on the table for my birthday in March.

Happy Birthday Pasha.

I planted a purple one and a white one today. They are siting side by side in the dark on the shelf in the coat closet.

Now I need to be patient. It might take 2 months or more before they are ready to be moved to a brighter location.
No rush, no, I don't need Hyacinth Flower Essence used for people that feel isolated and alone.

While I was writing this, I looked up, grabbed my camera, rushed out onto the patio and took this picture. One can count the leaves.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Creator exists

My dream of a lifetime this house, although reduced to an apartment now, which allows me to be not only a neighbour of nature but also makes me almost part of it. My dwelling is not only the place where I live, it's what and how I live and, it is nestled in a space that I relate to that I have something in common with. I can't describe the intense joy I feel when faced with images such as these. Such a priveledge. Automn and his colors. 

                                             On my way to pick Moselito up for home weekend.

Fall colors so different from the exploding spring colors. These here embrace me - time to look within.

This was two weeks ago - today I opened my eyes to a white veil covering the ground. It won't last.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Can't help but

posting this kind of sighting one more time. Yes, they do visit me every fall. Well, I get exited about it  each time. So?

Where are you Bambi-baby?

Here I am!

                                     Let's go, she has no carrots.

At 8.15 while I had my second cup of coffee on October 2nd