Saturday, January 5, 2013


We have had timid winters for a few years, but old-fashioned tough winter is back and the height of the fence is shrinking.

             December fence vs. January fence here, but photo insert option kaputt 

I shovelled again early morning dressed 'daycare' style, bundled up heavy including scarf around mouth.

Polluted the air. Well, need to de-ice the car and what better way than to click the remote and have the motor running for 20 min. while I'm getting ready to brave the shovel job.

My fuel consumption has increased but my mileage is increasing at a slower rate than usual. Only happens during very tough winters.

I remember a time where I was in a rush to get somewhere and could not wait for the windshield to defrost properly and drove off starring through a 4-inch clear space spot.
My friends who were with me at the time still talk about it and wonder how we could have been so stupid foolish given our wise age of 70 at the time.

I could go on and on but am grumpy now because of kaputt business.


Sabine said...

I remember my mother driving us to school with the windscreen of her VW beetle covered in ice. She peeked out through such a tiny gap and occasionally huffed her cigarette smoke at it from the inside, didn't make it any bigger.

Rouchswalwe said...

The Buick knows the roads around here by heart. My internet was kaputt yesterday and this afternoon, with miniscule windows of opportunity ... so I'm hurrying to leave a comment now in hopes that it doesn't go kaputt in the middle. Hope your photo option comes back soon!
Time to make hot cocoa!

Roderick Robinson said...

The Image Insert facility appears to have been deliberately altered by Blogger. The aim is to get you to use Picasa. Previously I used to send imported pix, new photos, etc, to a folder I called Blogpix within the larger sub-section, My Picures, offered by Windows 7. Now I am unable to access Blogpix from Blogger's "Image insert". The solution, which I regard as acutely irritating, is to download Picasa from Blogger (it's free) create a new images folder in Picasa and then use that.

So you're still entitled to feel grumpy.

Roderick Robinson said...

I have just discovered a long-winded way of accessing Blogpix for my blog.

If you're interested I'll let you know. But the fact is I can't help feeling something's missing from the Image Upload facility on Blogger that should make this unnecessary

Ellena said...

Ha, I forgot to mention that I was also smoking at that time.
Do you mind if I say that my Matrix is as smart as your Buick?
Photo thingy still kaputt, wawawa.
No idea if this bloging and commenting is the same for all of us.
Comments arrive via e-mail.
When yours arrived I was deep under the weather. Hope this excuse is good enough for having answered you via e-mail instead of here.
Have not had time to do anything about picture problem as yet.
As to something missing from the Image Upload facility - I had the same thought and tried clicking into the blank area of where I used to click but it did not help.