Friday, January 18, 2013

No bruises as yet but last night I could not sleep on my favorite side.  

Whenever I bang my head on something I ask myself  "what was I thinking at the precise moment it happened- was I having critical or mean or jealous thoughts?"
Yes, sometimes I find a culprit and start thinking negative thoughts about that person and the wheel in my head spins and releases the same thoughts over and over again until some other thought or a hit on my head appears and stops the whirl. Yesterday I was not having any hard thoughts and no negative thinking needed to  be stopped but,  simply asking myself the question  leads me usually, as it did this time, to reflect on my opinions and fixed ideas concerning others in general. I do not want to and try not to pass negative judgement on others.  As I write this I am thinking of  lazy, greedy, untidy, ill-mannered, selfish.


Roderick Robinson said...

Try and cast aside this belief that a vengeful Old Testament Jahweh is monitoring your every move and punishing you for having bad thoughts. True, this is how Jahweh tends to behave (think of Isaac and the whimsical instruction that the knife be sharpened) but if you are able to transfer J into a fictional pantheon, somewhere between Moby Dick and Captain Ahab (or Major Major Major if you prefer) your relationship with him will alter beneficially and you find yourself seeing him as just another iteration of Magwitch,

Never be afraid of making negative judgments on others. Without them you would be in danger of becoming the anthropological equivalent of a hideous dessert, blancmange, now thankfully retired and a touchstone in gradations of blandness.

Also be suspicious of people who make gratuitous recommendations about your behaviour.

Ellena said...

I wish I could play a fair game of words with you.
Did I say I believe in punishment? No.
In 'wake-up calls' yes.
Why make negative judgements on others when they are mirror images of ourselves?
Off to dreamland. Good night.