Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It was

a very bad cold only.

I have been back to 'normal' for the last three days, busy taking care of things.
As soon as my neighbours realized that my car was moving in and out of it's parking space, they came to life.

Sunday, Mr. apartment #4  came to tell me that his wife/partner/colloq/who knows, it changes each time we speak, was in hospital again.     
In the same sentence he tells me that he can't take it any more and that she might not make it this time. She is in intensive care and would I have time to drive him to the hospital. Loud out I tell him that of course I can do that but at the same time I question myself as to why he can't drive himself there. As we get to the newly constructed round-point in the hospital town, he tells me that he can't come here anymore because this silly new thing intimidates him. When we were back home he came knocking on the door with a piece of paper in his hand which he had just pulled out of the mail box and asked me to tell him if it was anything important that he should keep.
Ms. #4 is attached to an oxygen tank and sleeps in the living room on the couch. It has been 4 years now. She lives two lives. When her eyes turn right she lives TV life and when she looks straight ahead she observes the goings-on at the tennis court and in our parking lot. Brave woman, never complains when she finds enough breath to speak. I don't want to know what he will do without her and I don't want to know that I may have to learn to say NO. 

Yesterday the eye doctoress confirmed that I can continue as is till my next appointment one year from now. Thank you.

Late afternoon Mr.# 4 dropped in to tell me the 4-day old news of  Mrs.Lovebirds from #14 having to call the ambulance to pick up her husband.  She tells me that he has weak lungs, that he caught the flu, that he fainted, that he is in intensive care with an induced semi-coma. When I mentioned that Mrs.#4 is also there she was surprised to hear that yes, the skinny woman that smiled back at her is the #4 lady whom she has never seen.

I am very grateful for feeling well enough to do some 'Driving Mr.#4'  and for knowing that the Lovebirds are of European background. It helps with making the right choices when offering some comfort food or picking up some flowers to cheer up Mrs. Lovebirds.     


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