Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Melee of things

A few weeks ago I took the boys age 8 and 10 and the girl age 14 off their parent's hands.

For lunch they filled their bellies with drinks, spaghetti and meatballs and desert at the Ikea store restaurant and when I later inquired about their supper preferences and expected to maybe hear McD's or such other fast food place, they emptied my wallet in a 'Sushi Palace'.
No, not a plain Sushi Bar but a Palace. 

How times have changed!

On my 10th birthday, shortly before the end of war, I asked for apples.  My mother went begging to some farmers and returned with the gift of 2 wrinkled ones which made me very happy.

60 years later, 10 years ago, Pasha, Besito de Luz and I sat around the kitchen table talking and laughing all afternoon whilst sipping wine, slicing carrots, cucumbers, avocado  and things I don't remember, sniffing the ingredients of the sea and choosing what to artfully combine with the rice for a pleasing effect to the eye and palate when rolled in seaweed on the bamboo mats, all in preparation for the sushi party of the evening, my 70th birthday.   Again I was not only happy but also overjoyed about the gift of togetherness of mother and children.  Yes, Moselito was also present but only interested in coming to the table to eat.

I don't know what awaits me on Sunday.  

Monday, March 2, 2015

On the way back to normal


Yes, loads of snow and  below normal temperatures of -25/-30F and the very occasional -8 in between have been on the menu for too long now.  Actually since early January.

I don't like the cold nor the job of clearing snow off the car early in the morning but I like Qu├ębec and what I'm seeing from the spot I am sitting at at the moment.  I see majestic pine trees wearing a thick white coat over a dark green undergarment.  Coat where illuminated by the sun changing into a diamond studded jacket topped with a blue hat.                             I forgot what I don't like.  Good.

Oh, thank you all for your so very kind words on my last post.  I wanted to say much more but could not find words that were precise enough to convey my feelings. 

I thought that knitting exercise would prevent getting cramps in hands.  Well, no cramps when knitting but yes cramps when holding playing cards. Hm...

These are some of my baby's snuggle socks made of leftover yarns.  Now, don't rush off making babies.