Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cleansing Drops

Tears ... salty drops that cleanse and celebrate emotions.  Sometimes they explode like a torrential downpour out of nowhere and other times they sneak out softly. They appear when it's time to wash away the deep sorrow I feel or they bring life to memories like water feeds a plant.

I have a new relationship with my tears ... since Mom passed away. Every drop is embraced and given respect for its healing. Emotions travel through me, parking themselves when I least expect it and the rest of the time they come by to simply say "Hello ... I'm here ... I'm with ya and I won't stay long".

At a cosmic level (and this just struck me this morning), this bodily fluid, the vessel for my feelings, also contains DNA memories ... of Mom, Papa, Omas and Opas, and Tic Tac Omas and Opas ... my ancestors. Do my tears also contain the tears they never shed? 

These thoughts crossed my mind this morning and I had this urge to share my stream of consciousness which has eluded me for a long time. The act of just letting thoughts flow liberated my "being'ness". I've been in the 'get things done effectively and perfectly' mode for too long, walking around with my spontaneous nature and creativity cloaked under the rigid coat of social perfectionism. It feels great to know that I am slowly returning to that creative unregulated state, the 'zone' that fills me with peace, with new and deeper gratitudes ...