Friday, May 31, 2013

What now???????

Looked at Preview of my last post and was not able to edit anything. Could not make paragraphs and other changes to set up. The Font, Size and other options were gone and are still gone now as I am typing this. What the schnuk is going on? It's very hot here, I have swollen feet, couple of black flies are pestering me and now this on top of all else. Just realized that I have been up for 16 hours. That should not affect the look of my posting page though. Good night.

Hanging Peppers

Sorry, it's a lousy picture of a picture. What can I say? I was choosing fresh herbs to be planted when my head felt a soft knock. I looked up and there it was. A hanging basket filled with pepper plants. It's cradle must have stood in a greenhouse because the peppers were already formed; green, small, but bigger than if they had been growing in a garden. I took them home where they enjoyed their new living quarters and grew to be a delight to eat.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Adieu Georges Moustaki

 He lived what he sang.

" Nous avons toute la vie pour nous amuser - nous avons toute la mort pour nous reposer "


LE METHEQUE is my favorite of his songs (mayby because I was married to one).

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's wrong

with me? Again and again I find excuses for the person who did or said a 'wrong'. Not that I agree with the 'doer' of the wrong but I most of the times, if not always, find an excuse.

This morning I read 'Funffingerplatze' blog and could only think of "maybe someone tripped and fell on it, maybe a big dog did it, maybe this and maybe that". I read the comments of others and decided not to leave mine.  Of course I felt sorry for what happened to the Iris but I just can't believe that it was done on purpose. Yes, I know that one can see the difference - footprints or whatever -  but again!!! my mind refuses to recognize the obvious. 

Don't know why I am so upset with myself. I know that I will reflect on this all day.

I'm off to the library now and know already that I'll be sorry for clicking on publish. So be it.