Friday, January 16, 2015

I feel very blessed and am much surprised reading your comments here and thank you all, Tom, Halle, Rouchswalwe, Marja-Leena, Lucy, Sabine, Roderick R and Natalie, for your kind words.

Why surprised?  Because when I want to know if one of you has posted anything new I click on your blog.  I did not expect all of you dear friends to click on my blog to see if there is something new to read after I mentioned 'end of posting and commenting'.  

I have been feeling very fatigued and melancholic for a while now and very much in need of receiving. I don't feel the strong woman.

This new need of mine feels very strange to me.  I don't know what name to give it.  Is it need for help, appreciation, encouragement, gestures, words, love?
Maybe I do get it all but don't feel it, nor see it, nor hear it.

Is this need caused by the fact that a big 'O' is around the corner or is it health related?  I have been told that the count of "I forgot what" in my blood has been low for too long and have been referred to a specialist whom I'll see next week.

Today was better than yesterday - I'm on the way to improved tomorrows.

I do follow your blogs and also

                        Je suis (for the verb suivre) Charlie