Saturday, June 30, 2012

Off to........

celebrate Canada Day with  my grandchildren.

Hopefully the activities will take place in a park nearby. I must not forget to pack some painkillers which I only take very rarely but my legs are not very nice to me lately. I must make sure they cooperate this weekend.

Monday, June 25, 2012

St. Jean Baptiste Day or La Saint-Jean is...

our national holiday here in Quebec - June 24th.

Our small town celebrated yesterday. Live music, bonfire, games for children, food and drink and fireworks kept things lively.

A young couple dancing caught my eyes. Talk about energy. And their two children doing cartwheels have not fallen far from the tree.

No, I did not indulge in a drink or two.  I just don't know how to push the buttons of my camera.

Exhausted dancers.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Edelweiss and Butterflies

Whenever I saw him in the school yard my heart flattered like the wings of a butterfly. He was three grades ahead of me. Girls on one side of the yard, boys at the other end. We shot glances at each other but very very seldom talked. Summer vacations he spend on his bike touring Germany and Switzerland and was gone until 'back to school'. He never roamed the streets like many other boys - always studying hard to remain first in class. He never came to the movies. I occasionally saw him at church. The year he came back from climbing the Swiss Alps and handed me an Edelweiss, I was in heaven.
It all started when I was 14 and I can count on one hand the times we talked together.

We meet at the river's swimming area which was known as the public pool. Yes, we have  a wooden shack which is used as changing room. It's walls are riddled with peeping holes. We do not want to be seen talking to each other- my dad does not allow it - so we stretch out on the grass instead of the blanket and pull the blanket over us. How sweet when faces are so close to each other that cheeks and noses touch and eyelashes enlace  for a blink blink dance - the butterfly kiss.

He leaves his bike at the edge of the road and walks me home on a hot afternoon. I know that mom is at work and dad is either at the Cafe or walking the streets to check if I am up to any mischief. I offer to show him my room. My walls are covered with pictures of film stars.  He looks and asks to see my breasts. I lift up my shirt and pull it back down in the same move. His first look at female anatomy. He became a medical doctor. No butterfly kiss, nothing.

I had been up on the mountain to decorate the chapel dedicated to Ste.Mary with bouquets of lilac. As I come down the path I hear this strange unfamiliar noise which I have never heard before and can not identify. I reach the country road, turn the corner and see him standing at the edge of a steep deep hill holding on to his bike and shouting "your father went down here in his car".   I did not even look down there. I started screaming and ran off in the opposite direction to lean against the wall of the vicar's residence, wailing as loud   as I could until the Vicar came out. Dad survived.

I am 18. He is away at university but happens to be attending the same event as I in our home town. He walks me home. We talk and kiss.

I move away. I marry. I come to Canada and 60+ years later I find a letter from him in my mailbox (2009).
He married a doctor - they are retired - they travel all over the world - he came to a class reunion in his home town and was given my address.

These are the pictures he enclosed with the letter  I received today.

Tenerife - climbing Teide.                        He him  =  Edmund

Monday, June 18, 2012


I am so blessed to witness so many memorable events in my family.                                                                

Grandson Hayden is sitting on his well deserved victory laurels holding his diploma for graduating from 'small school'. He will now go to same 'big school' as older brother Noah.

Moselito is proud to present his and his classmates's pottery creations.

There was so much more but the pottery workshop master, our dear friend the  'Amazon', suggested I'd better stop taking pictures when she saw me lean on a wall on which some plates were on display.

Me: "Oh no! So sorry. Hope the artist is not looking".
Amazon: "Don't worry. It's al-right, we'll make more".
She is such a treasure, this lady. Our sons and daughters in need of special care love her to pieces and so do we parents.

And yesterday the Bell Choir performed for the Fathers. Moselito's father did not attend the concert but Moselito smiled anyway.

And Audrey, the music teacher, is also loved to pieces by all.

PS: Have not decided yet if I'm going to send a picture of the Bell Choir to Moselito's dad. He lives strictly kosher now.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Le P'tit train du Nord......mid-May

Finally the long awaited sign of spring


And what's this I see here for the first time? Did someone throw a cluster of last year's dead greens into this tree? No, the monster looks alive

and looking at it's underside shows that it is kind of a living parasite branch of the pine tree.

Two trees in one