Friday, October 31, 2014

Today is one of those days

on which my thoughts jump from one thing to another to end up on a theory that maybe needs to be given long and serious serious thought.   

As I am cleaning my Bamboo floor which I supervised the installation of and know that a small space needs to be left  available behind the floor boarding all around allowing the wood to react to temperature and humidity.  It contracts and expands.  If no space left near walls, it will allow the floor planks to open up where they join.                                                                                                                                                                                                     I reach an area where a gap has developed between the planks and my thoughts jump to the spot on my right hand thumb where at the top on each side of the short fingernail the dry skin has popped open.   This reminds me that I need to wear gloves as soon as I start using the heater in the car to prevent this from happening.  My thumb reacts to warm air being blown at it as my hand is busy steering.

Then, as I wonder if there is a word to name this area of my thumb and play with the idea of asking one of my daughters, I think that I should not.  They have no time nor patience for such silly questions of their mother.

From there my thoughts wonder to the question of  what is this thing of 'mothers and daughters'?   Why, after the mother is no longer with us, and I know that it applies to many of us, does one feel guilty of not having  shown more patience, more devotion, more gratefulness, more compassion, more love.  I am saying more because we all have given, some more some less.  Did our mothers display love, self-sufficiency, tolerance and strength in order to give us peace of mind?

If so, it does not seem to work.  Not with me anyway.

Actually, I was going to say that I will stop posting and commenting for a while because it takes more time for me to do so than I can afford to use up for that purpose.

Will I be able to overcome this much enjoyable addiction?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day Three

To Val-David again where Mireille exhibited two of her works.  I have seen and bought a smaller one of her creations a few years ago but had not seen any of her larger works.  Our paths cross occasionally in the village. We hug and kiss cheeks.  She recently told me that she no longer sculpts her hands being 'done'.                                                                           She now composes music, writes the lyrics and guitar in hand performs in small places here and there.  


A cold glass of sangria while waiting for our food was much appreciated by all.

What you see is not all she got.  The goat cheese made itself invisible.  


A few more photos and then back home .

Day Two

35 minutes drive to Mont Tremblant


                                                                                          We took the easy way up
South side
Hard rocks in hiding
North side

Day one with Pasha

She arrived tired from her 6.5 hrs Jeep drive, eager to get into position to capture the blaze of autumn colours.     
                                                     Parc des Amoureux - Val David