Sunday, January 20, 2013


Getting this 'insert picture' gadget to work again was is a longwinded process.

I hope I'll remember how I managed to get this one to appear.

That's all I have to say for today.

                                          "The snails are for me please"
Thank you, RR.


Rouchswalwe said...

Snails ... for perseverance!

Ellena said...

Yes, yes and......I need to eat them more often.

Roderick Robinson said...

Re: inserting images in Blogger. I think I had the same problem. When I clicked on the Insert Images symbol the subsequent dropdown page was incomplete, there was no browsing facility that allowed me to access the folder on my computer where I stored my pix.

Since there was a facility to access pix via Picasa Web Albums I downloaded Picasa (it's free) and this worked but it was clumsy.

So I googled "Trouble Uploading Pictures In Blogger" and, among other recommendations, it suggested trying a new browser. One option was Chrome (also free) which I downloaded. The browsing facility is now restored to Insert Images,

Re: snails. We needed lunch while travelling on a French autoroute. Hating French service stations we made our way to a small village where a snail fair was being held. It proved to be a very dull affair, with only 10% of the stalls devoted to snails, the rest selling garden gnomes. I mention this so that you are not disappointed the next time you're in France.

A further warning about eating snails in France. In my experience they are most often cooked individually in small ceramic crucibles which are heated to blast-furnace temperatures. By touching one of these container incautiously you could easily set yourself on fire. I would hate that to happen.

Ellena said...

I did alright with the snails but still have a scar on the inside of my wrist. My next course were mussels. Since it was the first time that they were served me in a bowl which sat on a metal tray, I was not careful enough when reaching for a mussel. My wrist touched the handle of the tray. I complimented the waiter for not warning me.
I browse with Explorer and with Chrome. When I downloaded Picasa I also had to download Picasa Webalbum and then transfer photos from Picasa to Webalbum and now it works, I think.

Ellena said...

I tried to preview my recital to RR and all it showed me were two lines. Oh boy do I have problems.