Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our student protest

Surely you have heard about the demonstrations in Montreal and Quebec City and the "wear a red patch to show support".

This was part of a student art exhibition in a nearby village which is proud to claim being "un monde apart".

    Police in riot gear.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Super Moon

I read it in the papers, I heard it on the radio, we spoke about it. It was going to be 30% larger than usual and so much % brighter than usual.
I chased it up the hills and down the hills in my car, along this lake, down this country road, behind the church, on the outlook besides the hotel and in many more spots that my car had never travelled. It played hide & seek with me appearing and disappearing behind hills, mountains, rooftops and forestland as I was searching to see it as big and bright as I thought it should be. Of course, as it went higher up and could no longer hide, it also became smaller. I am left with a photo in which his 'superness' does not show but me knowing how and when next time.    

Fengaraki mou lambro, fengemou na prepato, na peejaino sto skolio, na matheno gramata, tou theou ta pramata.

I'm not going to tell that someone taught me this poem 71 years ago in a language that was never spoken again in our family because new languages had to be learned. It asks the moon to guide me so that I can go to school and learn to read the things of god (I think). 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

No idea what to name this maybe exhale deep

Bon , I decided to get it out of my system and blow it into the universe once and for all (promise to my daughters). I will not think about punctuation, paragraphs, grammar nothing just make remarks and noises about my 25 pounds weight gain which I am to graciously accept because I was smart enough to finally stop smoking, bravo Madame, and because I was almost as skinny as a twig except for carrying babies ,yes, but I have nothing to wear and don't feel to go shopping for clothes not knowing and not wanting to know what my new size is and when I take a shower I no longer need to bend forward to see my belly button since it looks up and stares me into my eyes and when my hands distribute soap all over my body they notice that the surface is much much greater now and when I brush my teeth and look down to my mouth and make sure that whatever drops out ends up in the sink and not besides it my cheeks block the view and when I wear nylons the crotch no longer comes all the way up to where it belongs and when I step out of the bath towel and walk towards the dresser to get some underwear I can feel my rear-cheeks bounce and my body is covered with dunes from below my breasts to my belly button and I have difficulties lifting myself up from sitting on the ground and more difficulties walking uphill and and and a good thing I have no partner because forget about shower sex.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Sightings

It appeared in this little triangle as I lifted my eyes from the 
screen that  I am looking at now.                                                                                                

I jumped up, ran to fetch the camera in another room, slowly approached a window and pushed the button.

Bambi arrived May 10th

The table was set for this one since mid-April. Did I remember the recipe for the mix of the drink. Yes I did. It keeps coming back for more since yesterday, May 16th

It's sooo tiny. I wonder if it arrived on the back of one of the bustards (outardes) I saw flying overhead.

Monday, May 14, 2012

More Fairies

My kind Blog Fairy R. started the good deed and my daughter Besito de Luz T. together with her helpers finished it. My blog was reborn on Mother's Day.

and I'm smiling happiness

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Message to my Blog Fairy

Dear Rouchswalve

Herzlichen Dank for bringing 18 of my lost posts back to life. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Le P'tit Train du Nord............mid-April

For the ones that can read

and for the ones that can't

No green sign of nature's renewal as yet but the ice on lake has melted to make room for a lonely visitor. 

Some of our rocks were deposited some 500 million years ago, they say. I wonder how old these beauties are. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Strong language

You don't want to see my face. I'm sitting here - wide eyed- open mouthed - horrified- you name it. I managed to delete all my posts. 
The locals here would say "tabernac - maudite marde - calice " . Sorry, would not use this language in my mother tongue. Zum Teufel nochmal! 
Just as I was going to reply to R's last comment and suggest  Holy Water as a possible ingredient for her beer recipe.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Le P'tit Train du Nord....mid-March

More than 100 years ago a railway line was built leading deep into the Laurentian Mountains North of Montreal. It was known as Le P'tit train du Nord.  30 years ago the train made its last passenger journey and work began to transform the line into a 230 km long linear park and 20 years ago it was inaugurated as such.  Today Le P'tit Train du Nord plays host to cyclists, skaters, cross country skiers and humble wanderers such as myself.
My walk starts here    

with Lac Raymond on my right and forestland, walls of rock and residences nestled in the hills on my left

I know that the large residence further up the path belongs to retired nuns and was surprised that the two gentlemen whose voices reached me from behind turned out to be monks as they passed me on the way back to my car.