Saturday, December 29, 2012

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Sting in Berlin

Dear I. and dear B.

The phone rang, I answered, it was the door, the postman announcing himself. As I walked down the hall to meet him half way I said “I think you rang the wrong door, I have not ordered anything”. He just smiled and handed me the brown carton box he was holding and told me that it did not fit into my mail box.

Back in the apartment I looked it over and started talking to myself. "What could I have ordered,  did I order that thing I looked at, I don’t remember paying for anything.  I must look at my credit card statements". I had to fetch the bread knife to get that brown thing open. STING!!! My thoughts racing. "I thought a blog is a kind of secret thing, how could she find out my address, can’t be from her, it must be Pasha, I told her about discovering Sting through a blog, what, it's from I. and B.!!!!??, we did not discuss music, how come they know about my late discovery"?

Sting is playing as I am writing this. Would you believe that a few months ago I did not even know who Sting is. A German lady who’s blog I follow suggested I listen to him on Youtube. I listened to his Berlin concert with the London Symphony, wow – over and over again. Then I told Besito de Luz about it and she reminded me that Pasha was playing Sting from morning till night the one time we visited her together many years ago. Really?

And, you know what I just pulled out of my document holder on my desk? A pamphlet advertising ‘Direct Cremation’. A cheap way to be put away - $799. Now –never mind inflation, I’m not ready yet. The girls know it’s sitting there for them to use when the time comes. And, you know what’s attached to the pamphlet?? You’ll never guess.   
A note telling them to invite whomever wants to join them for a good meal and to play some music should they decide to celebrate my life. Music in this order: Desert Rose(Sting), Hallelujah  (Leonard Cohen) and of course some classical at their choice (I think I know what it will be). Now, do you believe that I am sitting here, blown out of my yesterday washed black socks, having a Porto and swinging to the music?

I am embarrassed to confess that I don’t know Jesse Cook. Will listen to him later.

Thank you soooooo much both of you. I am so happy about this nice gesture of your’s and won’t say “you should not have done that”. Enjoyed your visit very much.

Much love and warm hugs to both of you                       Tante Ellena


Friday, December 21, 2012

Feuilleton goes on

I don't mind being the first one out to clear the snow. Never liked to talk much first thing in the morning. My loved ones know it but I have not told the friendly neighbours as yet.

It was no surprise to find this waiting for me at 5.30 this morning. I heard it on the radio. The windshield wipers reminded me which end is which.

Forgot to take a picture before going back into the building. So when  I say that I came  back out at 9 and it looked as if I had not been out earlier, you'll have to believe it.  Did the job again but also had to shovel a little path along the side of the  car in order to be able to open the door. And and and.....
Actually, I am having fun and it looks just beautiful out there and this snow is good for the Ski Resorts, the Restaurants, the Hotels, the Sport-wear boutiques and the children whom I should have mentioned first. Is it good for me? Sure, I need the exercise and am sooooo grateful that I can still lift and push and carry but I am also worried about the days when I won't be able to do all this. After shovelling the snow away from the back of the  car in order to be able to drive 7 km to get a coffee because we had no electricity, I started to worry. Will I soon have to choose between snow and Moselito? I live here to make him happy. Anyway that's what I think. Maybe he won't mind going on a bus trip once a month to see Ellena, his mother.
Tomorrow I'll pick him up. He will be with me till Drecember 31 afternoon, he will be all smiles clearing snow, carrying presents to his sister and having meals that he likes and taking it easy for a while while listening to music and turning pages in Ellena's photo albums and telling Ellena what he remembers when looking at the photographs.
I was hoping for my blog to fix itself but....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

White Evergreens.

Yesterday at 6 o'clock in the morning, as I was doing my walking back and forth in the corridor of the building, snowbells resting here and there on the cedars greeted me from the other side of the window.

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon the snowbells had been pushed aside by snow-soldiers.

And, yesterday I cleared snow off my car three times, twice about 15cm. Just now  I came in from clearing another 15cm off the car. No, unfortunately this building has no inside parking space. Why should it?  Nowadays we Golden Agers are known to be full of energy.      
I'm not done yet. It's still snowing.

I am starting to feel warm inside. No need to dream about it - White Christmas is at the door.

No idea what happened to my blog.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I have 10 little gifts to make for people that are not part of my family. They are the loving  volunteers who commit themselves for 12 months to work with people in need of special care. This year they hail from France, Germany and Canada and have become good friends of my Moselito.  Only gifts from the heart will speak to them. It takes for ever to wrap love and gratitude and that's why I start so early to prepare my small gifts to them.