Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Super Moon

I read it in the papers, I heard it on the radio, we spoke about it. It was going to be 30% larger than usual and so much % brighter than usual.
I chased it up the hills and down the hills in my car, along this lake, down this country road, behind the church, on the outlook besides the hotel and in many more spots that my car had never travelled. It played hide & seek with me appearing and disappearing behind hills, mountains, rooftops and forestland as I was searching to see it as big and bright as I thought it should be. Of course, as it went higher up and could no longer hide, it also became smaller. I am left with a photo in which his 'superness' does not show but me knowing how and when next time.    

Fengaraki mou lambro, fengemou na prepato, na peejaino sto skolio, na matheno gramata, tou theou ta pramata.

I'm not going to tell that someone taught me this poem 71 years ago in a language that was never spoken again in our family because new languages had to be learned. It asks the moon to guide me so that I can go to school and learn to read the things of god (I think). 


Rouchswalwe said...

Ah, yes. The Supermoon trick is to be somewhere flat. Treeless. So as to catch the moon just over the horizon. I was driving home one super evening when I crossed a large highway up on an overpass. I felt as though I were looking down on the moon, but alas could not stop to gaze in wonder because cars were right behind me.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That super moon was something. I was out in Arizona the night of that moon, doing a shamanic healing workshop/weekend. I photographed it early the next morning on my way to the airport but, like you, it was elusive. I, too, was up in the middle of the night, chasing it down, trying to record it in some sense of permanence (my camera) as it eluded me through mountains and shifts in the road. Thank you for all your comments on my own blog lately. I have been living many unusual transitions and have not responded to people who take the time to let me know they have visited me as much as I usually do. But I do appreciate you letting me know that you came by and so I leave these same words for you. And hoping the blackflies are not biting you to bits - we were up near Ste. Adele last weekend to clean up our cottage after winter - er- four and six legged invasions - and the blackflies were horrendous but I knew they would get even more vicious in weeks to come. Now, how did I get on to that tact? One thing leads to another, I guess.

Ellena said...

Rouchswalve, I will never forget the size of the moon as it guided me home on a flat country road that I had never travelled before. I have never seen it that large and strong coloured again. Not being able to stop is as bad as not having ones camera.

Ellena said...

Bodhi Chicklet-no need to thank me for commenting. Having read your postings and knowing what you have been up to I thought that maybe you learned how to be more selective as to how you spend your time. In your last picture you reflect serenity, stillness, peace - life is good.
Aha, near Ste.Adele, my next small town neighbour. I pictured you on West Island and Ste. Marg. Your best time of the year is around the corner.
I can't preview, ouch.

Jayne said...

We had to pull over that grand evening of the super moon. It was highly distracting! And beautiful. Later, we followed it all the way home. Or perhaps, it followed us. :)

Ellena said...

Thanks for peeking in, Jayne.