Monday, May 7, 2012

Le P'tit Train du Nord....mid-March

More than 100 years ago a railway line was built leading deep into the Laurentian Mountains North of Montreal. It was known as Le P'tit train du Nord.  30 years ago the train made its last passenger journey and work began to transform the line into a 230 km long linear park and 20 years ago it was inaugurated as such.  Today Le P'tit Train du Nord plays host to cyclists, skaters, cross country skiers and humble wanderers such as myself.
My walk starts here    

with Lac Raymond on my right and forestland, walls of rock and residences nestled in the hills on my left

I know that the large residence further up the path belongs to retired nuns and was surprised that the two gentlemen whose voices reached me from behind turned out to be monks as they passed me on the way back to my car.

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