Saturday, May 19, 2012

No idea what to name this maybe exhale deep

Bon , I decided to get it out of my system and blow it into the universe once and for all (promise to my daughters). I will not think about punctuation, paragraphs, grammar nothing just make remarks and noises about my 25 pounds weight gain which I am to graciously accept because I was smart enough to finally stop smoking, bravo Madame, and because I was almost as skinny as a twig except for carrying babies ,yes, but I have nothing to wear and don't feel to go shopping for clothes not knowing and not wanting to know what my new size is and when I take a shower I no longer need to bend forward to see my belly button since it looks up and stares me into my eyes and when my hands distribute soap all over my body they notice that the surface is much much greater now and when I brush my teeth and look down to my mouth and make sure that whatever drops out ends up in the sink and not besides it my cheeks block the view and when I wear nylons the crotch no longer comes all the way up to where it belongs and when I step out of the bath towel and walk towards the dresser to get some underwear I can feel my rear-cheeks bounce and my body is covered with dunes from below my breasts to my belly button and I have difficulties lifting myself up from sitting on the ground and more difficulties walking uphill and and and a good thing I have no partner because forget about shower sex.



Halle said...

Bravo indeed,
you gave up 'the weed'

Listen to your lungs saying 'thank you Ellena' as they become pink once more.

beth coyote said...

Ah yes, the matronly weight gain. There are a few I know that are thin still but most of us are--wider--than we used to be. I still hike and dance and walk and swim, just slower than I used to. As long as I can, I'm gonna make those muscles work. And thank gawd for on-line shopping. I don't have to brave those horrid florescent lights in the dressing room!

Sabine said...

Come on woman, look after yourself and shake off those years and years of size 10 brainwashing.

Rouchswalwe said...

Robustness looks so good on a woman!

Ellena said...

Halle - The song I hear is sweet. Won't trade a single puff for the 25 pounds.
Beth - Another new one for me. At the moment I'm not walking I'm creeping along. Hope to improve so that I can climb and maybe dance again.
Sabine - Good advice. This woman here does need shaking.
Rouchswalve - Yes, I do like it on other women. Really, always have.