Friday, October 12, 2012

Can't help but

posting this kind of sighting one more time. Yes, they do visit me every fall. Well, I get exited about it  each time. So?

Where are you Bambi-baby?

Here I am!

                                     Let's go, she has no carrots.

At 8.15 while I had my second cup of coffee on October 2nd


Rouchswalwe said...

And here I am excited just to see the photographs! How nice of them to drop by.

Young at Heart said...

wild exciting...... I get quite blown away when I see one of our urban foxes!!

Ellena said...

Rouchswalwe: I wish we could watch them together.
Young at Heart:
Ha ha, I'll tell a country fox story some day.

Halle said...

I am always surprised how small their faces are compared to their body. Maybe it is my memory of Disney's Bambi character that is doing that.

I like them better now when they aren't eating my hostas! :)

Ellena said...

I still need a "tag up" shot. So far I have not been dangerous enough for them to run instead of walk away.