Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hyacinths in glass~~~~~~~~1

I never noticed the bulbs sitting in oddly shaped glass vases. I don't know where Oma or Mutti stored them while waiting for the roots to grow, but I still remember my delight when the sweet smell of their blooms hit my nostrils. Pink and blue ones suspended in air, so it seemed, roots dangling in water and blossoms asking to be touched by the tip of my nose appeared on the table for my birthday in March.

Happy Birthday Pasha.

I planted a purple one and a white one today. They are siting side by side in the dark on the shelf in the coat closet.

Now I need to be patient. It might take 2 months or more before they are ready to be moved to a brighter location.
No rush, no, I don't need Hyacinth Flower Essence used for people that feel isolated and alone.

While I was writing this, I looked up, grabbed my camera, rushed out onto the patio and took this picture. One can count the leaves.



Halle said...

In our areas we need to find ways to remember the beauty of the flowers too and what better way than indoor bulbs. I've never seen that sort of holder.

There are advantages of loosing the leaves; a beautiful sunset!

Young at Heart said...

oh how fabulous those bulbs look...can't wait to see blooms!!

Rouchswalwe said...

... very interesting indeed. Putting down roots in the clearness of the water instead of in the earth. Life is wonderous.

Ellena said...

Those holders survived 11 moves. First time in use since we packed them for their Germany to Canada trip 56 years ago.
Young at Heart!
You'll see Chrismas candles lit and blown out first.
Today I'll sit a crocus bulb into the neck of one of my small vases.