Saturday, September 29, 2012


Some parents read bed-time stories, I chose to sing when it was time for my children to be calm and to sleep. I would tuck them in, sit on the edge of the bed, bend over their little bodies and sing 5 songs. First to hear my songs was Pasha and 16 years later it was Besito de Luz T. and a year later Moselito joined the audience. I sang in German. Never learned any English children songs.

One of the songs was about this little man standing in the woods, on one leg, all alone. He wore a red coat.  'Ein Maennlein steht im Walde'


Then there was the one about the farmers moving manure on a rainy day - 'Es regnet, es regnet die Bauern fahren Mist'

and the one about the fox who stole the goose - 'Fuchs Du hast die Gans gestolen.....'-

and the one about little "Haenschen" who takes off to see the world - 'Haenschen-Klein ging allein in die weite Welt hinein....'


I did not always sing the songs in the same oder but - 'So good-night now once more, Guten Abend gute Nacht' was the last one, loaded with kisses and hugs.



Rouchswalwe said...
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Young at Heart said...

what fabulous memories!!

Ellena said...

When I sing it to my young grandchildren I sing Noah-Klein sitting on one bed and Hayden-Klein sitting on the other.
And, during evening circle, Moselito was asked by newly arrived German volunteer co-workers which song he would like to sing. I heard that they were very surprised when he answered Haenschen-Klein.
Lady Young at Heart,
Welcome and thank you.

beth coyote said...

I made songs up to sing to my children. What a lovely way to go to sleep.