Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Creator exists

My dream of a lifetime this house, although reduced to an apartment now, which allows me to be not only a neighbour of nature but also makes me almost part of it. My dwelling is not only the place where I live, it's what and how I live and, it is nestled in a space that I relate to that I have something in common with. I can't describe the intense joy I feel when faced with images such as these. Such a priveledge. Automn and his colors. 

                                             On my way to pick Moselito up for home weekend.

Fall colors so different from the exploding spring colors. These here embrace me - time to look within.

This was two weeks ago - today I opened my eyes to a white veil covering the ground. It won't last.



Rouchswalwe said...

You're north of me, so we're getting this colour now. Unfortunately, it has been raining here and the wind has been knocking the brilliant leaves to the ground. I'm still hoping to take a short roadtrip to view the foliage!

Fée des Bois said...

Magnifique photo et philosophie.

Ellena said...

I have taken photos of bare trees and some snow on the ground since, Rouchswalwe.

Merci Fee des Bois.

Calie said...

Absolutely beautiful. I used to have those colors in my backyard, when living in New England.

Ellena said...

Hi Calie.
I have been reading you on and off for the last 4 years. Stay well.