Friday, July 20, 2012

Outdoor life

The job that almost broke my back last year was the digging to make room for a little flower garden off my patio. I wanted it to have a 90 degree slice look wedged between side of patio and wall of building, deep enough to dump 20 bags of garden earth needed as soft bed for bulbs, seeds and young perennials.  I dug,  lugged uncountable buckets filled with  'bad' earth up the hill and dumped it in the woods. I drove to places where I had seen rocks and gathered 20 that kind of had the look I wanted them to have for separating the garden area from the grassy area to be.
The tulips came up first and grew much taller than expected . Narcissus were next.
I don't recall planting an animal bulb but a frog came up anyway. I picked it up, placed it on the patio table, ran to get my camera and came back to an empty table. I was so relieved to find it jumping about amongst the tulips. It was so tiny - the size of a big walnut.
The deer did not like the aroma of whatever they sniffed on this side of the fence and decided to leave and never come back again.
Moselito invited me to the mayfair which they celebrated in June.

This is what the outdoors look like when I step out onto my patio.  It has been very hot lately. We are not allowed to water but yes, I cheat. I can be seen sneaking out early in the morning or in the middle of the night with guess what in my bucket.
The bean I soaked over night and stuck in the ground is making me happy.


Rouchswalwe said...

Very nice! And are those snap peas? Happy little frog habitat. We need frogs. I'm reading that they are becoming scare (like the honey bees) and I have yet to see even one around here this summer. Keep sneaking in the water!

beth coyote said...

How wonderful. We have a huge yard that is no end of work-weeding, mulching, watering, etc. I do get compliments and exercise!

X Beth