Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1001 POTS

Follow us to this one-of-a-kind pottery exhibit in the nearby village of Val-David. An annual event for ceramic lovers founded by Kinya Ishikawa 24 years ago together with his wife Marie-Andree Benoit. Two talented potters with big hearts and noble visions for mankind.

Thousands of pieces created by the best pottery artists of Canada are on display. I would have
loved to show you a general view but the site is much to big to show it in one shot. Each artist displays in a given area in the gardens and inside various buildings.

There are also thematic areas such as JUGS



The Amazone is always on the site. Moselito was happy to see her and to show me which plate he had made.

We came across a miniature garden on wheels

Make your own Furoshiki workshop was taking place but we were to late to join it so I bought one made by Kinya - a fish design. I will use it as tablecloth on my patio table.

They can also be used as gift wrap, shawl, wall hanging or ..........Oh yes

Now we will sit in the Secret Garden for a while, have a cup of green tea on the terrace of the Tea Room and my next post will show you the Silica Garden.


Halle said...

Not so many pots as there seem to be wonderful, whimsical items. What a great idea to bring so much different pottery together.

Rouchswalwe said...

Oh! Which did Moselito make? Close up, please! This reminds me of the great pottery fair in Arita (in western Japan each spring). How wonderful.

And the loos are very classy!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I love this show. Riley and I went weeks ago - maybe even the first weekend it opened. We always buy something. Some years I stock up on Christmas presents, some years it is just a memory like a small cup or bauble. I really loved the t-shirts they had but there were few and a lot had sold before we got there. I always feel so inspired there. I am dreaming of taking a ceramics class this fall from what I see here. Maybe one weekend when we are up north we can meet for a cup of tea and drop the "virtual" veil for a short time.

Ellena said...

Sorry, Toshiba was with Dr.PC for a few days.
Halle, nice that the whimsical pieces caught your eye. Don't know why most people feel that pottery needs to be heavy and bulky.
Rouchswalwe, I guess the seeds for Kinya's pottery show set-up come from Arita. I will google it. Moselito pointed to a plate with house and red roof as his creation.
The Bodhi Chicklet, I'm surprised that we have not run into each other as yet. Whenever a boy reminds me of Riley, I look at the mother. Yes, lets try to meet some day.