Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Canada Day 11 days past

I met a spiderman, a tiger, a forgot what was painted on Morgan's arm and a forgot what was painted on Noah's arm. The tiger and her brother are Noah's and Hayden's friends - the four of them came into this world with the help of a midwife.
On the way to the park we passed a car parked in a tree garage
and a fully loaded cherry tree, my first such sighting since I arrived in Canada.

I just came back from grocery shopping where I had this weird encounter in the vegetable section of a supermarket. I met Hulk all dressed in black. We met eyes as we were passing each other  and with a grin in his face he tilted his head towards a young woman trailing four little ones behind her. And so spoke Hulk "You know, they were almost entirely exterminated. No wonder they have the urge to multiply".
She wore long sleeves heavy stockings the boys wore their yamaca and the fringes of their undergarment were showing. The youngest, the little girl, was wearing a sundress.

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