Monday, March 2, 2015

On the way back to normal


Yes, loads of snow and  below normal temperatures of -25/-30F and the very occasional -8 in between have been on the menu for too long now.  Actually since early January.

I don't like the cold nor the job of clearing snow off the car early in the morning but I like Québec and what I'm seeing from the spot I am sitting at at the moment.  I see majestic pine trees wearing a thick white coat over a dark green undergarment.  Coat where illuminated by the sun changing into a diamond studded jacket topped with a blue hat.                             I forgot what I don't like.  Good.

Oh, thank you all for your so very kind words on my last post.  I wanted to say much more but could not find words that were precise enough to convey my feelings. 

I thought that knitting exercise would prevent getting cramps in hands.  Well, no cramps when knitting but yes cramps when holding playing cards. Hm...

These are some of my baby's snuggle socks made of leftover yarns.  Now, don't rush off making babies.  



Tom said...

I can assure you that I will (can) not! Such relief! :)

Sabine said...

Knitting always helps.

Ellena said...

I feel dafter than usual today. I first thought you were telling me that you don't understand what I'm talking about in reference to my trees. I read it over and did no longer understand it myself. Improved it slightly now. Now you can understand why I don't want to write posts anymore. It takes me much time to write and then I fix it to death.
And, if you are not kidding, welcome to the 'Relief Club'.
So does Music and Radfahren, yes?

Lucy said...

No making babies Tom means with which I can only concur!

Making socks, on the other hand, is great. My very favourites are the top left blue and khaki ones.

Nice to to see you back.

Ellena said...

Yes, they look elegant compared to the others. I did an identical pair for his dad.
I'm in awe of the things you knit such as the sweater for Princeling or your own asymmetrical design shawl or your 'sloppy', you said it, pullover.
My kind of sloppyness.

Natalie said...

Yes it's good to see/hear your special voice again, Ellena. And the socks are an art installation in their own right. Why shouldn't socks be art? SockArt, a new movement.

Rouchswalwe said...

Hurrah for Ellena! And a hearty Prost to your socks!

So happy to find your post here today.

Ellena said...


'Sock Art' - Now I'm encouraged to continue with that kind of exercise.
Thank you.


Here the expression of "sock it to me" is used a lot. No idea why. Do you know? Prost, with coffee in hand.

Natalie said...

I vaguely remember an American TV or radio show a long long time ago when "sock it to me" was constantly repeated and made people laugh hysterically. Who knows why?

Roderick Robinson said...

You shouldn't worry too much about coming up with precise language. You have the gift of embedding what you write with emotion and that's far more important.

Ellena said...


Oh, why did I have to hear or read that crystal-clear thinking/writing is IT.
Thank you for the 'gift' gift.