Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Melee of things

A few weeks ago I took the boys age 8 and 10 and the girl age 14 off their parent's hands.

For lunch they filled their bellies with drinks, spaghetti and meatballs and desert at the Ikea store restaurant and when I later inquired about their supper preferences and expected to maybe hear McD's or such other fast food place, they emptied my wallet in a 'Sushi Palace'.
No, not a plain Sushi Bar but a Palace. 

How times have changed!

On my 10th birthday, shortly before the end of war, I asked for apples.  My mother went begging to some farmers and returned with the gift of 2 wrinkled ones which made me very happy.

60 years later, 10 years ago, Pasha, Besito de Luz and I sat around the kitchen table talking and laughing all afternoon whilst sipping wine, slicing carrots, cucumbers, avocado  and things I don't remember, sniffing the ingredients of the sea and choosing what to artfully combine with the rice for a pleasing effect to the eye and palate when rolled in seaweed on the bamboo mats, all in preparation for the sushi party of the evening, my 70th birthday.   Again I was not only happy but also overjoyed about the gift of togetherness of mother and children.  Yes, Moselito was also present but only interested in coming to the table to eat.

I don't know what awaits me on Sunday.  


Lucy said...

Whatever it is, I hope it is wonderful, happy birthday Ellena dear!

Tom said...

Sunday? I hope it's at least as wonderful as the memories you lovingly share. Here's to Sunday!

Ellena said...

Thank you.
Pasha is coming in from TO.
I asked for simple please.

Yes, here's to Life!

Roderick Robinson said...

If I tend to concentrate on the way you say things rather than the things themselves, it is because I see expression as one of your strengths. And the one I'm best qualified to comment on.

I am routinely moved by what you write. It is often touched by melancholy but you do not seem in any sense incapacitated by this. The way you write is proof of well organised thoughts and a lively mind. For what it's worth, these are matters you may dwell on whenever the day or night gets darker.

Not that you really need any of this. See the parable of the sower.

marja-leena said...

May you have a fabulous birthday on Sunday, Ellena! So glad you are here to share your joys as well as sad things - all about living a life to its fullest!

Sabine said...

You have so much to celebrate and I wish you a wonderful time!

Ellena said...

Thank you all for your good wishes.

Lately many pleasing words are said to me which I slowly start to believe.

... and I am grateful that more sad things have so far not been part of my life.

A pie with fruit of your paradise garden would also taste good on Sunday.

Rouchswalwe said...

Oh! Oh!

I'll be back!

Ellena said...

I skyped with Hungry Man this morning and told him that I can't wish him Happy Birthday as yet because....

Rouchswalwe said...

And here we are on the big day ...
herzliche Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag, liebe Ellena!
I've been invited to a dinner tonight where Sardinian wine will be served. I'll raise a glass to you and clink to life! My uncle celebrated his 80th this year and he told me that just because one has a birthday doesn't mean one gets older at heart. I wish for you a day filled with simple pleasures and delicious fare and all the very best in all things!

Ellena said...

Thank you meine Liebe and clink clink to our hearts, young and younger ones.

Natalie said...

Dear Ellena, I'm very late and very sorry not to have wished you a happy birthday but here I am with those wishes still toasty. I was away in Paris and un-connected to the internet, that's why I'm out of touch. I hope you had a wonderful day, wih or without suchi, but with plenty of love and joy.

Ellena said...

Thank you for the toasty wishes, lucky lady. Un-connected in Paris, what else?