Monday, November 23, 2015


is the name I gave my problem.

Saw my family doctor today, Monday.  He gave me the good news that "the scan found nothing in my head".  It means what it says and also that no Mabel offsprings are present in my brain.

Tomorrow I will have a TEP scan.  I am looking forward to an entire body search.  That's a big area with lots of folds, pockets and minuscule spots where little Mabelinchen can hide.  

Oh yes, I had not told you that my Thorax scan revealed that Mabel is sitting very close to my aorta and can not be operated on.  Other treatments will be suggested after all test results are in.

I still sleep as well as I did prior to Mabel's appearance.

I'm already fed up talking about Mabel.  Sorry.  I promise not to in my next post.


Roderick Robinson said...

Whether you write about Mabel or not is up to you; all I can say is I'll read whatever you write. Even if you don't write anything I'll read the brown space. Brown seems a good colour for not writing on; we all know what brown is most often associated with. So brown space can be eloquent in a way that is perfectly understandable under the circumstances.

Brown suits Mabel.

Do you mind if I continue to comment on the way you write? That once again you've adapted your style to what has to be said. Hard, unyielding facts treated in in a non-fancy-schmanzy way. You see your style is you and I can address style instead of doing the impossible by trying to address the real you and making a hash of it. And because of course I'm a coward; I need you to make things easier for me and this you are doing.

You make me glad I know a tiny little bit of German. That I understand the diminutive ending and how you've used it ironically.

You are a very clever lady Ellena. In general I'm in thrall to clever ladies.

Lucy said...

As Robbie said, it's up to you how much you write, but don't feel you shouldn't. I'll be reading whatever you do write too, here or there, and I wish you everything that can cheer or help you.

Tom said...

And me!

marja-leena said...

Me too! How clever to give a name to the issue. All good wishes to you, dear Ellena.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

And me, Ellena, and me.

Rouchswalwe said...

Your heart is strong, meine liebe Ellena.

Mabelche' (as they say in Frankfurterisch) doesn't stand a chance. Mabelche' can't hide. We will hunt 'er down and reduce 'er. Write what you have to, what you want to. I'm here. With mash paddle in hand and Bierkrug in the other hand.

You have us all in your corner.

Mabelche' doesn't stand a chance.