Monday, August 26, 2013

They came, they played, they laughed, they argued and Oma is exhausted.

Yes, woof woof, this is the path that leads to the corral where Major is kept. 

He did not 'woof' us that the horse was in the barn.

Where are skateboard sharing rules to be found?
Sneak-a-Snack and Hungry Man were not happy with the ones I made up for them.  They prefer to wrestle over who gets to put his foot on what.

The fishing license was on hand but the boys had forgotten the rods at home.


                    So, what's next?  Let's climb the pole!
           Let's remember this tree so that we can catch the bird on the way back down the mountain.

The boys are back to school.  Not to be seen again till Christmas.



Rouchswalwe said...

Oh, that's a long time between visits. Thank goodness there's a lot of activity and adventure! (Love your nicknames for them!)

Ellena said...

My last sentence should have read
"not to be seen in this blog again till Christmas".