Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Boys

I have been kind of 'goofing off' lately doing easy on my brain things. 

When Noah, aka Sneak-a-Snack welcomed the arrival of little brother Hayden, aka Hungry Man, I went out and bought these two little journals.  The very first page asks "what is Noah/Hayden up to"  and the following pages give the answer. 
The question is always asked by me, Oma, and the answers can be from either the boys themselves or their parents or other family members or their friends.

I wish I had a drawing talent.  It would have been so easy to just draw a few lines to go with the text.  Something like a comic book but.....  

The way I planed it, I need to be around till age 90 to see their faces when these little journals are given them.  


Rouchswalwe said...

Beautiful! A beautiful idea from Omalein!

Tom said...

Best settle in for the long haul then Ellena. Ninety must be barely visible on the horizon.

Roderick Robinson said...

Stop whinging about what you ain't got. Celebrate what you have - an unmistakable prose style.

Ellena said...

I'm having fun with it. Today I had to find a picture about "I lost a silver tooth".
I am following your advice and am for the first time in my life allowing a chiro to lay hands on me.
But I want more.