Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sainte-Adèle, Qc and Street Art Work

When Moselito is with me on his Home Weekend, we have the choice of seeing a movie in one of these two theaters in Ste.Adele, a small town next to our village. The one on the left was build in 1948 and when 4 viewing rooms were no longer sufficient the owner build a second one with 3 viewing rooms, in 1995.  All Premières of Québec-made films are shown in one of these theatres, with artists attending.
This past weekend we saw 'Sarah Prefers to Run' which was screened at the last Cannes Film Festival.  I'm a bit worried.  Either I grew an extremely thick skin recently or the movie.......?  I can't ask Moselito's opinion. He was happily watching the action, eating his chocolate bar and asking for more.


                                                                   Lac Rond was a source of drinking water, ice and food through fishing, horse racing and raw boat competitions and as late as 1943 was used as a parking lot for the winter tourists of Hotel Chanteclerc.  In 1960 it needed to be decontaminated and is since used for skating, snow shoeing and walks in winter.

Painting on a wall across from where we sometimes sit after the movie.

The no longer existing Ste. Marguerite train station - Canadian Pacific.

Now the tourists take a plane and fly to far away places. Coming up North is no longer the in thing.  My friends N. and V. from Montreal came up here for their honeymoon, more than 60 years ago. By train. Today a three-lane highway takes us down by car in 50 minutes.


On the left Séraphin, the village miser of  the novel 'Un Homme et son Péché' written by  St. Adèlois writer Claude Henri Grignon in 1933, on the right.
When we arrived in Montreal in1956 Séraphin was a very successful TV-series and re-runs continue to be shown to this date.

Les 'Draveurs' were considered the elite corps of forestry workers.
The word 'drave' derives from 'to drive', conduire les billots.


Halle said...

Mystery posts solved. I love murals like these.

'Les Draveurs' made me think of a song I have always loved "The Log Driver's Waltz"


is a link with a clever cartoon from our National Film Board of Canada.

Roderick Robinson said...

Occasionally you belly-ache about your imagined inability to express yourself. Or to express yourself well. You shouldn't you know.

I forget your history. Perhaps you never summarised it all in one go, anyway. I seem to recall international threads, not that it really matters. What life has keft you with is a highly individual writing style. First it is episodic, changing subject from para to para without feeling the need to explain these changes. The paras stand on their own two feet and frequently leave the reader wanting more. This is a very great talent.

Better still, and something many many writers fail to understad, is that your common currency is facts not emotions. Instead of emoting about the cinemas ("Oh I'm so sad about the past, etc, etc,) you give us detail. This we can cling on to and create our own relationships with what you're telling us about. Your role becomes that of intermediary rather than self-promoter.

You may see it as patronising that I take time off to tell you about your writing. Who's this guy? Where does he get off? And you're quite right to do so. Instinctively you write well and you don't need anyone telling you so. Especially someone from a country with such a bad record for meddling in such matters.

Bugger off, you say. And that's what I'm doing. But you made me meddle and that is power. Writing power.

Ellena said...

Halle and RR
I did Walz and enjoy and I held my breath reading flattering words. You both made my day. Thank you.
I'm in a hurry because.....