Friday, November 30, 2012

Baking for the Holidays

I am a reformed Jew if this is the proper way of saying what my religion is at this time of my life. I was baptised Greek Orthodox. Such thing did not exist in after war Germany. My friends in Horb all happened to be Catholic so what do you think I did at age 12? I reverted to Catholicism. Der Pfarrer was happy - my parents did not even know about it. Papa was Greek Orthodox and Mutti was Protestant. Hey, I wanted to belong. Could not think of anything better to do at that time and don't regret it. I got very involved in church things. Friday evening Rosary( I think it was Fridays), Vesper, Sunday Mass, pulling the cord and swinging back and forth to bring the church bells into swing early I forget which mornings and of course helping out with this and that and more ( I wanted to be liked|) and of course going to confession which stopped two years later (posting to this effect maybe to follow) and helping out wherever I could.
Doing dishes at the hospital to make it easier for the nuns working there and making friends with them of course.

Today I was looking for Christmas baking recipes and came across this one in my Greek cookbook.

Scripture Cake - Kaiki Agias Graphis 

This is a recipe that has been popular with the ladies of Sts. Constantine and Helen (no surprise my name is Ellena and my brothers is Tino). It encourages Bible reading and if the correct ingredients are chosen from the references given, a delicious fruit cake will be assured. Look at the Old Testament. I did but have not baked it as yet.
                                                                                            Chapter                Verse
41/2 cups                I Kings                                                      4                         22
1 cup                       Judges                                                      5                        25          
2 cups                     Jeremiah                                                   6                        20
2 cups                     I Samuel                                                    30                     12
2 cups                     Nahum                                                       3                       12 
2 cups                     Numbers                                                    17                       8
2 Tbsp.                    I Samuel                                                    14                     25
1 tsp.                       Leviticus                                                     2                      13 
6                              Jeremiah                                                    17                    11
1/2 cup                    Judges                                                        4                      19 
2 tsp.                       Amos                                                          4                        5
2 tsp.                       II Chronicles                                               9                        9 (which ?)

Mix like any basic fruit cake. Bake at 275 C-3 to 4 hours.

I'm off to BB sit = Big Boys sitting (H being age 5 and Sneakasnack being age 7 don't like the other word).


Rouchswalwe said...

No rum in the recipe??

Ellena said...

No Rum, Rouchswalwe, but in the order listed: flour-milk-sugar-raisins-figs-almonds-honey-salt-eggs-milk-baking powder and spices. Can't make cake don't know which spices.

Lucy said...

I'm kind of puzzled about the sugar, and indeed I just looked it up and there's no mention of it there... I didn't think sugar was known in OT times! Anyway spices is probably any old mixed spice you like.

Sorry to be so slow getting here to comment, and hope I'm not too late and you haven't decided to stop here. I have appreciated your visits and comments at mine.

The matter of how we write and who we are writing for, how it changes, and the gains and losses involved will always be there with this blogging medium. I suppose I feel in many ways my blog has become less personal and spontaneous, perhaps less important too me in some ways, but also perhaps more grown up - it has changed and changed me, or I have changed and changed it! But I have been and still am very glad of it.

You must do what feels right for you, of course, but from reading back a little over your posts, I have the impression you have a very special voice and interesting things to say in it, both to your own ones and to a wider readership.

Ellena said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and, you are so right about blog writing.
And, I did put words into Jeremiah's mouth. The text says ".....or sweet cane from a distant land?" And, the cake made me do it. The last time I looked at the Bible was in 1996 when it was given me on my birthday. And the time prior to the last time was in 1951 when I received it from a boy as agift when finishing our dance course (I had asked for it!?!?)