Monday, June 18, 2012


I am so blessed to witness so many memorable events in my family.                                                                

Grandson Hayden is sitting on his well deserved victory laurels holding his diploma for graduating from 'small school'. He will now go to same 'big school' as older brother Noah.

Moselito is proud to present his and his classmates's pottery creations.

There was so much more but the pottery workshop master, our dear friend the  'Amazon', suggested I'd better stop taking pictures when she saw me lean on a wall on which some plates were on display.

Me: "Oh no! So sorry. Hope the artist is not looking".
Amazon: "Don't worry. It's al-right, we'll make more".
She is such a treasure, this lady. Our sons and daughters in need of special care love her to pieces and so do we parents.

And yesterday the Bell Choir performed for the Fathers. Moselito's father did not attend the concert but Moselito smiled anyway.

And Audrey, the music teacher, is also loved to pieces by all.

PS: Have not decided yet if I'm going to send a picture of the Bell Choir to Moselito's dad. He lives strictly kosher now.


Sabine said...

family, good family
and what gorgeous pottery

Rouchswalwe said...

Hayden and Moselito both have wonderful smiles! Thank goodness for teachers who care.

Lucy said...

Hey, Hayden even has a little blue mortar board!

That pottery is lovely, very bright and finely worked. Congratulations to all concerned.

Ellena said...

Thank you. I will tell Moselito what you said.
I also say daily thanks for having been lead to this wonderful 'home' for Moselito.
Yes, and who knows what's next to cover his head - white toque, hard hat, racing helmet,a head mirror?