Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Ihlinger Tor

It is an eternity ago since I last walked through this tower - the Ihlinger Tor. The door on the left side leads into apartments. One of my friends lived there and gave me 'A tree grows in Broklyn' as a going away present when I left not knowing that I would eventually end up not far from New York. On the opposite side is a Gasthaus. If a flag was seen hanging out of a window it meant that someone had his lips on a beer mug and needed to get a lift home.
The steep cobblestone paved walkway passed the Gasthaus is not visible nor is the mill facing it. Sometimes a young apprentice would hang out of the window and make my heart beat fast as I was climbing up hill on the way to school. The Panorama street was a shorter way to school but nobody hung out of any window. 

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