Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Home weekend

According to himself Moselito was here for not two and a half weekend days but three nights. Always looking forward to visit with Ellena. Since everybody refers to me as Ellena he sees no need to call me Mom. I don't think it's Mom that attracts him to 'here' (I miss saying house and avoid saying apartment). It is the food and sweets that he can have as much of as he wants or the music that he can listen to all day long and late into the evening or the outing to see a movie with restaurant food as an entree or or or. Nice change to estate work, washing dishes for 12 people or more 3 times a day, pottery workshop, weaving workshop, milking the community cow early in the morning, rehearsing for a play or attending 'college lessons'. I said 'nice change'. No complaints from Moselito and none from me. I hope he is as happy as I think he is and wish autists would know how to convey their feelings - I miss being hugged by my son.     

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