Sunday, December 20, 2015

Both of


these came to say goodbye and made sure to get away prior to arrival of snow.  

No snow as yet and none to come for Christmas but first  Full Moon in 38 years on Christmas Day will not let us down.

     For whatever you celebrate this Holiday Season, Blessings to you Dear Friends.

My children, their partners and my four grandchildren will celebrate Christmas together this year.


Rouchswalwe said...

No snow here either. The prediction for later in the week is balmy temperatures and rain, so I hope that the clouds clear out for the full moon! Who is that little creature in the first photo? Hope it finds someplace warm to hunker down for the winter.

I'll celebrate with the Water Rat and the Iron Boar together with the Hairy Dudes, a myriad mix of traditions and year-end pleasures wrapped in friendship and notes of musicality. Your celebration promises to be just as grand with everybody gathered together, dear Ellena.

Halle said...

Ah, snow.. just had about 15 cm (5 or 6 inches for non-metric friends) of the stuff yesterday, but as with there, the weather people are predicting warmth soon to make it a brown Christmas.

Didn't realize we had a full moon to look forward to on the day.

Is that an eagle up there? Look out squirrel!!

Have a lovely Christmas Ellena.

xx Deanna

Roderick Robinson said...

SEASON'S GRATITUDE (Because the familiar phrases at this time of year don't work for me.)
For reminding me that style has power, that it is an individual tone of voice and thus identity; for dealing with illness laconically and with wit, showing that this can be done; for teasing me out of my laziness with enigmatic comments; for showing an interest in what I write.

Sabine said...

No snow but daffodils in full bloom all around us. (This is a first and I don't like it.)

Have a good time at xmas whatever the rituals entail.

We'll be lazy, shuffling around the house until we get restless enough to have a brisk walk or something like it. Scrabble and jazz after dinner.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

My sincere and personal good wishes for you, dear Ellena, hoping they can somehow be tangible, like snow and sunlight, music and the scent of pine trees and the taste of festive food. Joyeux Noël to you and your family.

Lucy said...

All the very best to you, dear Ellena, of warmth and joy and love as you yourself show, time and again. Take care.

(Windy and wet here, got our dose of snow and ice and glad of it in the frozen north!)