Wednesday, October 21, 2015


 For now it's my fatalistic attitude that helps me deal with ghosts during the day. They tell me what is but are not ready to say what will be soon or later.  

 I thank them for staying away during my sleep.



Sabine said...

Good or bad ghosts?

Tom said...


Halle said...

It sounds as though we might have a common way of dealing with our ghosts. I don't ignore them, but neither do I give them more attention than they deserve. Thus, they have no need to plague my slumber. Rule broken; comment longer than post. All the very best Ellena.

Rouchswalwe said...

I've just put out Halloween decorations. My apartment is filled with spooks, spectres, and little spirits. When I was a girl, my Mama used to say that the only ghost not allowed in the house was Müffi, das Geruchsgespenst (you can imagine what Müffi's specialty was).

Sweet Ellena, I send you cute ghosts to help keep the troublesome apparitions at bay and away!

Roderick Robinson said...

Yet another disadvantage about living in Canada. Tell me about the pluses (and I don't like maple syrup or ice hockey).

Ellena said...

Unwelcome is what they are.

At the moment I don't allow 'worrisome' into my thinking but am told that I might not be able to keep this up.

Thank you.
Yes, I don't allow these ghosts to become 'stars' of my day to day life.

Thank you for sending cute ones. They arrived safely.

How about bags full of 'Interest in what you write'. Goes well with maple syrup in my cup of Tea while I read.