Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day Three

To Val-David again where Mireille exhibited two of her works.  I have seen and bought a smaller one of her creations a few years ago but had not seen any of her larger works.  Our paths cross occasionally in the village. We hug and kiss cheeks.  She recently told me that she no longer sculpts her hands being 'done'.                                                                           She now composes music, writes the lyrics and guitar in hand performs in small places here and there.  


A cold glass of sangria while waiting for our food was much appreciated by all.

What you see is not all she got.  The goat cheese made itself invisible.  


A few more photos and then back home .


Lucy said...

The sculptures look interesting, as do those naked pears. Is that a buckwheat pancake - galette de blé noir?

Nice to see the photo of you in the previous post!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Who is Pasha? Who is the lady drinking sangria and taking autumn photos? Where is Val-David? Who is Mireille? I am confused!
But the sculptures are interesting and I like the way the white tablecloth looks like the shoulders belonging to the sculpted head.

Roderick Robinson said...

The salad thing with three pears (Count them! THREE!) reminds me why our our North American visiting days are over. On the last occasion in Massachusetts the amount I took back to the hotel in a doggie bag was twice what I needed in the first place. Luckily there was a baseball game on telly and that divertissement helped me get through my huge stack of shrimps and thereby avoid being found guilty of being one of the wrld's wasters.

Actually, there's no need for food on this occasion. You could eat the colours they're so delicious.

Rouchswalwe said...

I am loving the leopard! How can one not wear leopard when prowling amongst the beauty of autumn?!

Ellena said...

Ha, as if the the sculpture inspired Pasha to order the 'pears lunch'.
Oui blé noir.

Pasha is my oldest daughter.
Mireille is a friend.
Val-David village, known for welcoming 'un monde a part' is 3km away.

Yes, her full plate also reminded me of USA food servings. I think one should call them 'tourist servings', a lot of nothing special.

Whenever I see leopard, which is often because it is 'in' at the moment, I think of you. It reminds me of a post you wrote, with picture, some time ago, about a lecture by an I think African lady you attended.