Tuesday, August 12, 2014


This is for whomever had not seen it 2 years ago and especially a riposte to RR's comment on my last post.

          The cologne
          Splashed over his face and neck
          In the morning
          Well fitting suit with buttons of same cloth
          Tie in place
          Well heeled

          Nothing could cover the smell of
          Anxiety and depression

          His hands very soft
          His eyes piercing
          Blue ring circling brown iris

          What were his thoughts
          On his 7 km daily long walks
          From the small hamlet
          To the nearby town

          Umbrella in hand in case...
          "skata spiri" (shitty pimpleface) when unhappy with me
          I do not know my father

Take away the chain and add umbrella is 100% him even the face.

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Rouchswalwe said...

A delight. I read it out loud and it sings! Prost!