Friday, July 25, 2014

A spot

This is the culprit.  A spot in a bathroom tile.

Ever since I moved into this apartment 6 years ago this spot in a faulty bathroom tile causes me to be troubled and not only when I do my house cleaning.  Seeing this is as bad as seeing each dust particle flying in the air through the rays of sunshine inside my apartment.  Nothing I can do about these bothersome things short of putting the blinds down or changing the tile or tell myself how lucky I am to have nothing more to fret about.
Finally today I opted for the last-mentioned after I had proceeded to clean the next room where I banged my head on an open cupboard door.  Whenever I bang my head I question the thoughts I was entertaining at that particular 'bang' moment and always realize that they were thoughts which I needed to stop immediately or as soon as possible.  Thoughts such as in this instance "what will people think when they see this spot?"   
My sister-in-law came out of the bathroom after her first visit to this new dwelling of mine
laughing as she was telling me that she tried to clean that spot.  

Now l look at it and see the sun and ask for more appropriate but soft head bangs.  


Tom said...

There is a kind of extraordinariness in the ordinary, and a kind of perfection in the imperfect. Yes, if you must head butt. most certainly do it softly. :)

Rouchswalwe said...

Ach, spot schpott. I am so near-sighted that when I take my glasses off, I wouldn't even notice this infamous spot. Not to worry!

Wait until you visit my place and see what I found in my bathtub tonight!

Tom said...

Shudder the thought, Rouchswalwe! :)

Ellena said...

I wish I could say that seeing it your way is what I aimed at when writing. Now, let me see

Whatever comes up through that pipe is always uninvited.
A must to keep your glasses on when you step into your tub.

Roderick Robinson said...

The spot must remain. Like many other things in your life, its provenance is a mystery. Co-existing with mysteries is essential, they shape who we are. The curable merely needs curing or enduring; mysteries (Who am I? Why am I?) are a tug-of-war without rules. And yet from time to time we can - briefly - get the better of a mystery. As you just did. You pinned it down in what I can confidently identify - without recourse to hyperbole - as a work of art. Temporarily you won. Reflect on this; see it as profit.

Sabine said...

Looks like a precious fossil to me, the ancient stuff you find in tiles cut from stones from the quarries deep in the ancient mountain ranges, from a time before stone age.

At least that's how I like to explain the origin of the spots on my floor tiles.

Ellena said...

I already know that I am a mixture of this and that, but there is still much unknown haunting me.

I know what you are saying. I have had bathroom tiles that looked like fossil impressions of old paintings.
Toyed with idea of transparent paper on top and tracing.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

I have a suggestion: take some waterproof paints and a brush. Draw something on that tile, making the spot a part of it. You will have an original Ellena bathroom decoration and I can guarantee that you won't want to stop with just one tile.

I challenge you to post a photo of the result!

Ellena said...

I like a challenge such as this. The problem lies in getting back up from floor.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

I know what you mean! Maybe a small stool or cushion would help?