Tuesday, May 6, 2014


What the schnuck happened here?

The only thing that I knowingly did was edit words underneath my name.  All else happened by just looking at what was available.  

Did not succeed fixing it so will leave it alone for now.


Lucy said...

What's up Ellena? Don't quite understand...

Tom said...

Life is full of questions!

Rouchswalwe said...

new format? Looking good. I like the cartographic background.

I adore your expression "What the Schnuck?!" and the other day in the office, I suddenly said it when the computer went haywire. Everyone in the room stopped and stared, so I found myself saying it again, "What the Schnuck! Stop staring and help already!" You're rubbing off on me, sweet Ellena!

Halle said...

I've always enjoyed that you and I chose the same look for our blogs.:o)
Now what went wrong?
I also am infected with your Schnuck bug! What the Schnuck!

Ellena said...

To all of you dear friends!

Has my template always looked like that?
I have not put my keys into the fridge as yet, yet when asked for my date of birth yesterday I gave the 19th of the day instead of the 15th and when handing over three $20. bills to pay for getting my hair done at a cost of $45. (last Saturday) I said "that's fine" thinking that I tipped $5.00. There are other small silly things that I have noticed but I can't remember them. And now this blog thing.
Also, my short term memory is for the pitts.
No alcohol - just my way of getting old,I guess. Pfooooo