Sunday, March 30, 2014

Petrus and the weather

Is Petrus still in charge of the weather?

He was when I grew up.  Or, was he only responsible for rain? I can't remember.

I talked to him this morning but you don't want to hear what I said.

When Moselito and I returned from the movies last night the pine trees were green - this morning we woke up to sugar coated green.

Two days ago it was -20C, today -5C and still snowing.  

Winter tires and boots are starting to feel heavy but waking up still feels good.


marja-leena said...

Ellena, I am glad to see you here though very sorry to hear that winter is still not giving up in Quebec. Therefore I must not complain about the heavy rains here on the Wet Coast.

Rouchswalwe said...

Ellena! I hope you gave ol' Petrus a good tongue-lashing. I awoke to snow this morning, too. But the sun is shining strong and the city is buzzing. I've come down with cabin fever, so I'm ready to leave the house and take a brisk walk. I hope the temperatures rise in Quebec soon so that you and Moselito can get out and about, too.

Which movie did you see? After watching the trailer of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" I might go to the cinema this coming week.

Tom said...

I fear you are living in a world with which I have no contact, except my imagination. It doesn't sound good, but could be getting better, yes? Anyway, nice to hear from you.

Lucy said...

Hey Ellena, you're back malgré le temps!

Robbie read your comment about Joe you left at his blog at the funeral; I couldn't wait to tell you even though he probably has already.

Halle said...

My sweetie just announced the temperature here is up to 10C!! You know we aren't that far apart Ellena, so get ready for the melting to start. :)

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Ellena, who is Petrus?? I hope he warms things up pretty soon, whoever he is.
Lots of warm wishes to you.

Roderick Robinson said...

Lucy got there first. But I can confirm what she said. You deserved the wider audience.

Ellena said...

I popped in to show that I am still breathing.
My niece who lives in Sooke learned her lesson in Quebec and never complains about rain.
We saw 'Les garcons et Guillaume, a table' (sorry no French). France-Belgique comedy. Guillaume Galienne (I read), wrote the script, produced the film and acts the part of G. and of his mother (5 star rating).
Thanks to having lived in the Black Forest I can kind of imagine your world. I skype with my friend Maria and whenever she starts talking about spring I ask her to stop bragging.
When I read your comment I blushed and went into hiding to figure out what happened.
I wore my new rain boots yesterday.Deep puddles everywhere.
All I remember is hearing "Petrus is sad" whenever the weather was not to the liking of grandma.
RR !!!!!!!
I thought you were joking when you said you were going to do what you did. I am ashamed to confess that I am extremely proud and also moved to pieces. If this does not fix my self esteem problem, nothing will. Thank you.
My reaction to the sad news was very overwhelming and it took me at least 4 hours to find words to convey what I felt.