Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I picked him up on Friday afternoon to be with Ellena, as he says, for 10 nights.  His vacations with me are not only highlighted with X on his calendar but are also referred to  by the number of nights he sleeps over.

Today, Tuesday, he said  "10 nights sleep here".  As I answered "some nights have passed already", he replied  "Friday 10, Saturday 9, Sunday 8, Monday 7, Tuesday 6, today 6 more nights sleep here".

Amazing!  Enough to 'make' my day.

I am so grateful for such surprises and wonder as to how much more is in his brain that I/we are not aware of. 


Halle said...

Like you, I have puzzled over the amazing nature of'mind'.

Sometimes I am engaged to be with a class of young 'challenged' adults. While they cannot manage some skills we take for granted, when you focus on the things they can do, and pay attention to them, one can be charmed by them.

Tom said...

Oh, that is so moving. Bless you both, and long may you receive such surprises.

Rouchswalwe said...

We each have our talents and skills to complement one another. Moselito seems to have an easier time with numbers than I do, and I admire him for it. Keep surprising each other! And have fun for all the nights and days you are together!

Ellena said...

Moselito has 'College' class once a week. I just went into his room to ask what Mary teaches them at the moment and he answered "Jupiter and math".

Ellena said...

Thank you. I am willing and ready.

Ellena said...

We both enjoy the pleasant surprises. It's the challenging ones that are bit of work but we always manage.

Halle said...

As I said, charm and love too.
Thanks for brightening my day Ellena