Friday, May 31, 2013

What now???????

Looked at Preview of my last post and was not able to edit anything. Could not make paragraphs and other changes to set up. The Font, Size and other options were gone and are still gone now as I am typing this. What the schnuk is going on? It's very hot here, I have swollen feet, couple of black flies are pestering me and now this on top of all else. Just realized that I have been up for 16 hours. That should not affect the look of my posting page though. Good night.


Rouchswalwe said...

Sweet dreams, dearest Ellena!

Tom said...

I hope everything's better by the morning.

Lucy said...

Oh bugger it! Sleep well.

Halle said...

Hope you had a good night's sleep Ellena. Try selecting edit instead of preview today.

Roderick Robinson said...

Be very careful about those files. They could abrade your toe-nails.

Halle said...

Is it possible the rest of the world doesn't grok 'black flies'. We need to export a few (billion) eh? :)

Tom said...

Halle: You keep your 'black flies', they're at home over there. Anyway, we have nasties of our own.

Ellena said...

My dream was fine until I got towards the end of it. I became very frustrated for not having time to finish what I had started. Something to do with balancing numbers and reimbursing expenses.
Ha, happy to be alive but feet look the same, black flies still around and I have not looked at posting page of blog yet. It might spoil my day.
Oh, you have these 4-winged (I think)bougers (I don't want to say the other word at the moment)in France? Here, by the end of June there will be only mosquitos left.
Bravo. I thought that means f... it.
It does? Nice to become more and more
real and human and let it all out once a while.
I did select Edit AFTER I saw the mess in Preview. I just had a Porto and am going to say "Do you think I'm daft?" to a sweet person. Yes, lets send the bugs to Tom and Lucy. Maybe they'll ask us to go and help them kill them. They don't know that we don't know each other.
Roderick Robinson!
You make me think to much. What files????? until I realized you meant flies. No problem, they have eaten everything but my fat and since I stopped smoking, they seem to add fat each time they bite, the buggers.

Lucy said...

Oh it's much milder than f--- it. We say it all the time. But then we say what we like all the time, that's one of the beauties of living out in the countryside in a country where people don't understand what you're saying!