Friday, December 21, 2012

Feuilleton goes on

I don't mind being the first one out to clear the snow. Never liked to talk much first thing in the morning. My loved ones know it but I have not told the friendly neighbours as yet.

It was no surprise to find this waiting for me at 5.30 this morning. I heard it on the radio. The windshield wipers reminded me which end is which.

Forgot to take a picture before going back into the building. So when  I say that I came  back out at 9 and it looked as if I had not been out earlier, you'll have to believe it.  Did the job again but also had to shovel a little path along the side of the  car in order to be able to open the door. And and and.....
Actually, I am having fun and it looks just beautiful out there and this snow is good for the Ski Resorts, the Restaurants, the Hotels, the Sport-wear boutiques and the children whom I should have mentioned first. Is it good for me? Sure, I need the exercise and am sooooo grateful that I can still lift and push and carry but I am also worried about the days when I won't be able to do all this. After shovelling the snow away from the back of the  car in order to be able to drive 7 km to get a coffee because we had no electricity, I started to worry. Will I soon have to choose between snow and Moselito? I live here to make him happy. Anyway that's what I think. Maybe he won't mind going on a bus trip once a month to see Ellena, his mother.
Tomorrow I'll pick him up. He will be with me till Drecember 31 afternoon, he will be all smiles clearing snow, carrying presents to his sister and having meals that he likes and taking it easy for a while while listening to music and turning pages in Ellena's photo albums and telling Ellena what he remembers when looking at the photographs.
I was hoping for my blog to fix itself but....


Halle said...

While watching the weather radar and so forth you have been on my mind, knowing you are in snow-central now!
It is a truly beautiful sight here too (though not nearly as much snow) and for those who rely on tourists it is a relief to 'be in business' again, and we who live in these tourist areas rely on those businesses too don't we.

Enjoy your time with your Moselito, Ellena.

Sorry to hear about the power failure. Stay Warm!

Sabine said...

Have a wonderful time with Moselito and/in the snow. Which can keep all for yourselves over there. I can't wait for the first signs of spring keeping my fingers crossed that we will have another one of these mild river valley winters.

BTW what's wrong with your blog? Look ok to me.

Roderick Robinson said...

The thumbnail shows you all wrapped up; the post reveals you enduring the weather, and being philosophical about it. Up there on the Laurentian Shield. I can't get over the fact that the geography lessons I took at school in the late forties have finally caught up with reality. That I'm in correspondence with someone living on, in or by the Laurentian Shield. I remember colouring in a map in which this altitudinous feature had to be identified. Meanwhile blogging, far from making you seem nearer, makes you seem further away. I do correspond with someone in Perth, Western Australia which is technically thousands of miles more distant and yet that isn't the impression I get. Perth seems either wet or hot, conditions which are merely irritating. You, on the other hand, appear to face life-threatening meteorology. Waking up one morning and deciding whether it's now time to cook and eat your boots.

None of which was the point I set out to make. The fact is people who endure extreme weather tend to be philosophical, while those who experience comparatively small variations in a temperate climate (eg, us the Brits) belly-ache noisily. Two inches of snow impede commuter trains as do the eternally memorable "wrong type of leaves on the line." Canucks sumply you shrug their shoulders and hack off another slice of frozen bear. And no electricity! So what does your blogging computer run on? A brisk fire of burning Inuits?

Your post is shot through with Canadian stoicism, plus mystery. When Moselito fights his way in through 10 m snow drifts he'll end up having "meals that he likes". What then has he left behind? I'm told one can tire of seal blubber.

Rouchswalwe said...

... and here I am cutting out paper snowflakes because the pretty little flurries we had yesterday looked lovely at the time but all of the snow has melted with this afternoon's sun. Now we have mud in the parking lot and the Buick is not happy. Better to be covered with a warm blanket of snow if one has to be parked outside.

I hope you don't have to cook your boots as RR mentions in his comment. Has your electricity come back on? Please give my greetings to Moselito! I'll be looking through photos, too working on my family history project over the holidays. Sending you warm wishes and cosy hugs!!

Ellena said...

My daughter in Oakville still sends the dog out to play in the grass(yes,she watches with a bag in hand). Is she not about half way between you and I? Power was off 6 hours only.I have lots of candles.No problem.
Hope you get lots of loving Holiday hugs.
I sometimes forget that some people have no snow when we have it. I hope your wish for early spring comes true and that together with R. you will be able to enjoy the scent of evergreens.
My blog used to be brownish.
Ach Du lieber Mann! I wish I could reply to you as I want to. I used to be the only one smiling and/or laughing during board meetings chaired by a very witty president. He appreciated it. Moselito is a big eater but I won't get away with serving him cooked boots. Unfamiliar food he smells and his autistic antenas tell him that he won't like what's on the plate.
I know of mud also and hope that yours won't freeze.
What a lovely project you chose to fill your free time during the
holidays and the remaining winter months. Boots NO but I made 20 Fleischrouladen and Rotkraut and Spaezle from scratch. Moselito and I will lug it down to his sister. That family does not like goose.
Never heard of cosy hugs. Love it so much will give them to Moselito.