Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I see myself  in this small kitchen of the apartment we were renting from Mrs. Klump (in Germany, towards end of WWII). My grandmother and mother were there and mother had just returned from a shopping trip to one of the larger towns in the region. Of course I was curious to see what she had brought home. I looked through the bag. There was a small package, maybe 200 gr. of cold cuts and then there was another similar package. As I folded the paper open my eyes fell on a flat long worm lying there. Of course I questioned my mother about it and got scolded good for being so curious. She made me feel very guilty for having seen this worm. She never told me how the worm got there but I figured it out by myself. Someone in the family must have had worms (many people did because of the war food) and my mother must have taken it to a doctor in the town where she bought the cold cuts in order to find out what kind it was and what to do about the problem. I know that I had no worms nor did my brother T. Don’t understand why Mutti did not explain to me what it was all about. Sooooooo many subjects were off limits concerning us children. So many things not talked about. Hm.

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